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Sun Wheels & Welcome Poles at Daybreak North Utah Rail Commuter Train

Sculpture that identifies the station and the community it represents was our aim. 
To that end, we created sun wheels to give an immediate and defining impression and overall look. 
Unique sculptures representing more specific stories join the sun wheels on pole tops.

The sun wheels play directly off the name Daybreak.  They combine the idea of pinwheels, windmills, sun and solar. 
We were inspired by Daybreaks’ commitment to sustainable energy and solar power and wanted to reflect that in these composite structures. 
The sun wheels are designed to sit on top of 10’ poles and/or on brackets to be installed on the top of the I-beams at the front edge of each canopy. 
They are made of steel sheet metal, powder coated with primer and custom painted in four hues of orange and yellow.

The unique sculptures are made of Ferro-concrete, tile mosaic, handmade ceramic and forged sheet metal in varying combinations.
We have chosen to represent a rooster, a California seagull, a sailboat and a honeybee

We chose the rooster, the bird of dawn, to greet morning riders and to continue the symbolization of daybreak. 
We chose the California gull as Utah’s State bird with a fabulous story of devouring swarms of locusts that threatened early settlers’ first crop,
thus saving the colony.  The gulls’ symbiotic relationship with nature offered a feeling of safety and security to the people. 
The Oquirrh Lake inspired the sailboat as a way to represent recreation and playtime in the community. 
The honeybee, Utah’s State insect, was chosen to represent work and productivity. 
Bees also come out with the sun, which further adds to the overall daybreak concept.

Detail photos of presentation marquettes.

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