This is a sited sculpture consisting of three components.  In turn, each of these components has three units. 
The bottom component is the mound which will be tiered into three concentric circles.  On each tier ornamental grasses will be planted. 
When mature there will be three rings of grasses surrounding the bottom of the second component which is an 18’ obelisk
that is shaped like the base of a narrow windmill.  It is also tiered into three parts as it tapers almost to a point. 
This component is made of corten steel, a metal that has a beautiful rust finish but doesn’t corrode. 
The top component is a 6’ tall sculpture in three parts composed of  forged steel garden tools that metamorphose
into a plant or grass like object.  The steel is painted in shades of green, yellow and reds to simultaneously
reference the colors of tools and the colors of grasses
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Three Times Three simultaneously represents many ideas.  It’s elements reflect the farming community that is
prevalent in Gloucester County to this day.  The organization of the grasses on the mound are reminiscent of
grain fields. The obelisk feels concurrently like a windmill and an old tool part, given its’ shape
and rusted surface.  The top merges garden tools with plant life.  It represents the energy of work
through the tools,the energy of movement through the design of the bottom leaf rakes and the
result of that energy in the plant like object created by the combined parts.  From the bottom of the mound
to the top of the shovels this strives to create a sense of wonder. 

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